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In 2002 when they raised the cost of a Tennessee Marriage License to approximately $100, the Tennessee General Assembly made a provision that couples who complete a minimum of 4 hours of a Premarital Preparation Course would be eligible for a $60 discount on their license.

How to qualify for your discount
Spend a minimum of 4 hours working with the course together. Then just complete the form included with the course, answer a few questions verifying that you have spent the specified amount of time, and then return the form to us.

We will then mail you an official notarized Tennessee Certification of Completion. All you have to do is take the certificate with you and present it to the County Clerk when you apply for your marriage license in order to receive your discount.

Special Notice to
Tennessee Residents

Save $60

on your
Tennessee Marriage License

Anyone can use it

Some of the exercises are just plain fun

Do it privately anywhere you choose

Just $45

Affirmation of Your Commitment
Know that both you and your future spouse
are dedicated and willing to do the necessary work
to strengthen your relationship and make your marriage work

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The Benefits of Premarital Preparation

Almost everyone has heard about the rising divorce rate. Yet as you are planning your wedding day with your fiance, it is very difficult to even imagine something like that could possibly happen to you. The two of you love each other so much.

A perfect wedding is no guarantee that a perfect marriage will follow. But fortunately there are things that the two of you can do now to establish a firm foundation for your marriage and to help you successfully deal with the storms of life when they arise.

Premarital counseling has long been recommended by marriage and family specialists. However, the cost of traditional premarital counseling can often place it beyond the financial reach of many couples. In addition, even just anticipating having to talk openly with a stranger about personal and intimate subjects makes some people very uncomfortable.

But now there is an alternative to expensive and potentially embarassing one-on-one counseling. Our affordable Premarital Preparation Course costs just $45, and the two of you can complete it in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

A successful marriage depends on many things, and good communication skills are among the most important. With our Premarital Preparation Course, you will first have the opportunity to learn effective communication techniques and then practice them with some enjoyable exercises. You will also learn more about your individual communication styles and how you interact as a couple.

Next, the course will guide you in exploring a number of topics that are common hot spots in relationship conflicts. By talking about them now, you may be able to avoid some highly charged situations when related issures arise in your marriage. If you discover any areas where you have differing perspectives, you will be able to talk them through and gain insight and understanding of your future spouse’s point of view.
Every fairytale wedding begins a real life marriage.
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